Composition Awards Evening

At The Royal Welsh College yesterday, Sir Norman presented a joint composition award on behalf of the Welsh Music Guild to Daniel Lewis (Hetaera Esmerelda is inspired by Dr Faustus (1947) by the German Novelist Thomas Mann) and Tomos Nicholls (A Pronounced Addiction to Reciptocal Ononism is based on the semi-autobiographical novel Christopher and His Kind (1977) by Christopher Isherwood) two very young superb composers!

Obituary – Wyn Morris

WYN MORRIS (1929-2010)

by A. J. Heward Rees

The once-celebrated Llanelli conductor Wyn Morris died in comparative obscurity near Slough on February 24th, a few days after his 81st birthday. His death has brought deep sadness to a great many people and a quite special regret to numerous friends and acquaintances who witnessed how his meteoric rise to prominence in the musical world was all too frequently marred by bouts of controversial behaviour and a curious instinct for self-destruction. The London press in quite lavish obituary columns duly noted his evident triumphs and achievements, but used terms like “his own worst enemy”, “unmanageable”, “arrogant”, “cantankerous” (and mentioned a “a philandering and bibulous lifestyle”- surely common enough in the profession?) to explain his prolonged absences from the public eye. Nevertheless there is enough ground for legitimate local pride in his extraordinary career and in the adventurous quality of his personality.  Continue reading